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Purchase in-game ranks, upgrades, tokens, crate keys, multipliers, plots, & more!


                Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1) How old do i have to be to purchase a rank? 

A1) You must be 18 or older to purchase a rank, or have permission from a parent or guardian.

Q2) Are refunds allowed?

A2) No, refunds are not allowed. ALL donations are final, and we will not give back any money, under any circumstance.

Q3) What is a chargeback, and if i chargeback what will happen?

A3) chargebacks are when you force-fully charge back money that you have donated/Purchased. When doing this, you will be banned across the entire network, have a chargeback % on your permenant buycraft record (for all server owners to see), and a paypal file action will be taken against you. Please note that chargebacking is ILLEGAL. If you bought a rank on a specific server which shut down/closed, you will recieve a compensation on another server of our Network. Please contact us for more information, or view the forums regularly for this type of information.

Q4) I accidently bought a rank/item(s) for the wrong Name.

A4) If you bought a rank/item(s) for a mis-spelled name, we will assist you in moving it to the correct in-game name. You are not allowed to move ranks to other people's accounts, so if you mis-spelled your name, please make the transfer request on our forums right away to avoid confusion. We will need to see the proper information from what you bought, and legal consent from the person who bought the rank/item(s) that the name was mis-spelled in order to do a rank/item(s) transfer. Rank/item(s) transfers may take up to 3 days to complete, or more. Please note that when you buy a rank/item(s), names MUST be CaSeNsEnSiTiVe. 

Q5) Do i have to buy a rank?

A5) not at all! Your not being forced in anyway to buy a rank. Buying a rank helps support the server by allowing it to stay up monthly, hire builders, youtubers, and make the server a better, growing, fun community! ALL donations are greatly appreciated, and help a lot! Buying ranks/donating help keep our network up, and pay for monthly costs. Servers alone cost hundreds of dollars (USD) to keep up for just a MONTH alone. In addition to that, we also put a lot of the money in back into the server to add new perks, and for advertising purposes. Sometimes no money is profited, usually we do not make much profit, as the money cycles back into the server to help it maintain, and to make it better as the months go by!

In order to buy a rank, you must accept our Terms and Conditions, which can be found at the bottom of checkout!


 Minecraft is copyright Mojang AB and is not affiliated with TMN Network. Contact us for support, not Mojang.